Research Activity:

      Prof. Singh’s research encompasses a broad range of highly challenging and dynamic research investigations in the domain of Micro/Nanotechnology, Three Dimensional Integrated Circuit (3D-IC), Nano-Biosensors and Point-of-Care diagnostic devices (POC). Prof. Singh has offered creative solutions to many formidable challenges in the field of micro/nano-electronics through his pioneering research. The crowning jewel of his research is the development of a device for ascertaining milk purity named “Raj-Hans” after the mythical bird capable to distinguish milk from water.



      Invited Talks:

        1.Invited speaker at 13th CII Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Summit: Managing Product Integrity, Regulatory and Food Safety Solutions in the Food Chain for Consumer Health and Safety,13-14 Dec 2018, New Delhi: “Milk Purity Check” .

        2. Invited talk on one-day workshop on Biosensors, 25th November 2017 @ IIT Madras. “Biosensors at IIT Hyderabad” .

        3. Invited Talk Ancient Indian Scientist and their Contributions, 23-24 Jan 2019 @ Gorakhpur University, “Indian Technology from Ancient to Modern era: Big Gift to World with Adoption”.

        4. Invited talk at NatFOE@IIT Bombay, 30 June & 1 July 2017, “The Milk Adulations Detection: A Paradigm Shift”.

        5. Invited talk at ISSS@ IISc. Bangalore, July 5-7, 2017, Electrospun Zinc Oxide Nanowires for Point of Care (POC) diagnostic’s: From Material synthesis to Devices.