Innovative MEMS / NEMS Devices:

    Prof. Singh has immensely contributed to the enrichment of MEMS / NEMS and has identified certain core areas of research in the mentioned domain which were hitherto unrecognized by academic scholarship. His revolutionary approach has played a pivotal role in developing a robust and stiction free bulk micro machined process to achieve indigenous micro-bolometers, which are essential MEMS devices for developing thermal image camera, a long-standing dream of Indian defence and research embellishment.
    Reliable and robust MEMS hanging structure is a matter of significant concern, which often becomes the show-stoppers for the fabrication of micro-bolometer. Prof. Singh has discovered novel methods for differential etching of desired crystallographic axis of Silicon to create said hanging structure. Best paper award in ICMEMSS 2014 was awarded for this work.

    Prof Singh is currently researching enhancement of the resolution of these devices. For this purpose, he has developed nanofibers of V2O5 and isolated LSMO nanofibers its thin film . Further, he has proposed an innovative mechanism that marks a paradigm shift in the integration strategy of MEMS and
    ASIC which will bolster significantly the performance of these devices.

    Further, Prof Singh’s has worked for fabrication of CMUTs and PMUTs, using the concept of surface micromachining. In this, his has proposed a novel method for fabricating SU8 based CMUT, and silk-based PMUT . Utilization of the SU8 based CMUTs has been successfully demonstrated for airborne applications. These innovations have been published in IEEE Sensors Journal and IEEE Electron device letters.
    Noticeably, Prof. Singh’s group is one of the few in the world to explore the piezoelectric properties of silk for sensing applications and device development. In addition to this, Prof Singh’s has worked towards developing flexible tactile sensors with self-poled electrospun PVDF nanofibers. This discovery paves the way for a robust, reliable airborne application.