Name:Suryasnata Tripathy
      Research Work:Biosensor for DNA hybridization/mutation detection, chemiresistive devices,
      food adulteration, electrospun nanofibers, lab-on-chip systems and materials for label-free electrochemical sensing.

      Name: Srinivasulu Kanaparthi
      Name: Patta Supraja
      Research Work: Nano-Biosensor,Smart, Portable and non - invasive diagnostic biomarkers for health care

      Name: Satish Bonam
      Research Work:3D IC Integration, Thermo Compression Bonding And Its Applications, MEMS, ON CHIP ANTENNA

      Name: C Hemanth Kumar
      Research Work:WAFER BONDING,3d ic packing,heterogeneuous integeration

      Name: Nirupam Paul
      Research Work:MEMS ,VLSI,Analog Design,Semiconductor Devices

      Name: G D V Santhosh Kumar
      Research Work:Material charcterization ,Device Fabrication,LTCC TECHNOLOGY,Micro & Semiconductor

      Name: Lisa Sarkar
      Research Work:Thin Films and Nanotechnology,Microfabrication,piezoelectricity

      Name: Hafeez kt
      Research Work:Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

      Name:Ullas pandey
      Research Work:Microfluidic devices, Acoustofluidics, biosensing, chemiresistive devices, electrospun nanofibers, lab on chip system, electrochemical sensing
      Name: Sangeeta
      Research Work:Material charcterization ,Device Fabrication,LTCC TECHNOLOGY,Micro & Semiconductor

      Name: Sri Harsha
      Research Work:Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing,Thin Films and Nanotechnology,Microfabrication,piezoelectricity

      Name:Venkata Ramesh Naganaboina
      Research Work:Development of a sensor array with more specific, diversified gas sensors and also includes machine learning, capable of detection and estimation of the concentration of gases in ambient vehicular emissions.

      Name:Partha Pratim Goswami
      Research Work:Simulation and modeling of Micro & Nanoscale devices like TFETs.Fabrication and modeling of biosensors to detect a particular disease of interest.
      Name:Tanmoya Nemai Ghosh
      Research Work:Design of source degenerated transconductance amplifier using 65nm and 45nm technology, Patented and commercialized two products: 1) Biometric based exploder; 2) Intelligent dust suppression system for mining applications; energy harvesting circuits for piezoelectric sensors; Developing wireless sensor network for digitalizing underground mines using IOT

      Name: Sanni Kumar(Postdoc)
      Research Work:designing multiplex sensor for the early detection of sepsis, malaria and other diseases


      Name: Anesh Kumar Sharma (2013)
      Current Position: Scientist F, RCI, DRDO
      Research Work:5-bit RF MEMS Phase Shifter Development in Ku Band for Phased Array Applications

      Name: Durga Praksah (2015)
      Current Position: Associate professor KL University
      Research Work:Ulterasenstive Nanobiosensor Platform Based on Electrospun Composite Nanofibers

      Name: Tamal Ghosh (2015)
      Current Position: Assistant Professor IIIT Kalyani
      Research Work:Low temperature & low pressure Cu-Cu thermos-compression wafer bonding for 3Dimensional Integration application
      Name: Vijay Duryodhan (2016)
      Current Position: Assistant Professor IIT Bhilai
      Research Work:Experimental and Three-Dimensional Numerical Studyof Liquid Flow and Heat Transfer in Diverging, Converging and Spiral Microchannels
      Name: Asisa Kumar Panigrahi (2017)
      Current Position:Post Doc at NCTU Taiwan
      Research Work:Low temperature, Low pressure, fine-pitch Cu-Cu thermocompression bonding for Three Dimensional Integration applications
      Name: Pankaj Jha (2018)
      Current Position:Senior Engineer SGS Thomson
      Research Work:Process Aware Analog –Centric Single lead ECG Acquisition and Classification for CMOS frontend
      Name: A R Aravinth Kumar (2017)
      Current Position:Senior Engineer (R&D) Redpine Signal
      Research Work:Efficient Design Techniques for Subthreshold Mode Multi Standard Low Noise Amplifier
      Name: Satya Trinath (2018)
      Current Position: Senior Engineer
      Research Work:Algorithms for Power Aware Testing of Nanometer Digital ICs
      Name: Jose Josheph (2018)
      Current Position:Post Doc at IISc
      Research Work:Alternative Materials/Approaches to Develop Miniaturized Ultrasonic Transducers - A Device Perspective
      Name: Nisha Gupta
      Research Work:Material charcterization ,Device Fabrication,LTCC TECHNOLOGY,Micro & Semiconductor