Vineeth N Balasubramanian

Open Positions

  • (Jan 2023 - Long-term Research Internship): If you are interested in 9-month to 1-year full-time research-focused internships in machine learning/deep learning/computer vision and have relevant background (coursework in machine learning/deep learning, exposure to reading/writing papers in top-tier conferences), please send an email with subject line “Long-term Research Position at IIT-H” to discuss more. Please note that we are only considering full-time positions at this time (remote or in-person), but not part-time.

(Sticky): Unfortunately, we are unable to take short-term interns; I sincerely apologize that I am unable to respond to individual emails seeking such internships. Please use this link to apply for the CSE@IITH summer internship program.

Pursuing a Masters/PhD

IIT-H has recently established the Department of Artificial Intelligence. Please see the AI department website for details. The AI department offers MTech and PhD programs. Please see the following links for more information (next hiring will be in Nov/Dec 2021):

Please apply through the CSE department for our CSE PhD and CSE MTech programs.

At the CSE department at IIT-H, we also offer MTech programs for working professionals. Please see the following link for more information: