Spray & Multiphase Flow Group

About Us

Multiphase and interfacial flows are important in several engineering problems ranging from large industrial scale combustors and reactors to small scale flows. We try to understand the fundamental science involved in such flows and also collaborate with industry in the design process of such devices. We are working on a range of problems that are of interest to both scientific and engineering communities. Some of them are:
• Primary and secondary breakup of sprays
• Turbulent spray combustion
• Multiphase flow with phase change
• Interfacial flows

Research Interest

Spray Dynamics

Experimental & numerical spray characterization
PDPA & high speed videography
OpenFOAM & commercial CFD solvers

Turbulent Combustion

Unsteady flamelet based combustion modelling
Chemical kinetics development using Chemkin Pro
In-cylinder IC engine combustion

Bulk Interfacial Flows

Sloshing dynamics in fuel tanks
Interfacial flows in mineral processing
Interfacial flows in manufacturing processes

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Prof Raja Banerjee
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Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
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Email: rajabanerjee[at]

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