Raja Banerjee

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace

BE, Govt. Engineering College, Rewa (1995)
MTech, IIT Kharagpur (1998)
PhD, University of Missouri, Rolla (2001)
Email: rajabanerjee[at]
Ph: +91 40 2301 6651

My research interest is broadly in the area of multiphase flow with emphasis on spray and atomization, turbulent combustion and various multiphase flow of industrial importance. We work with both in-house and commercially available CFD solvers to simulate such flows. We have also worked in using novel parallelization algorithms like GPGPUs to accelerate the CFD solvers. We use advanced optical methods like high speed videography, phase doppler particle analyzer (PDPA) and other laser based optical system to perform experimental studies that are then used for CFD model validation.


Krishna Kant

PhD Candidate
BTech, Lovely Professional University (2014)
MTech, IIT Guwahati (2016)
Email: me17resch11004[at]

Research Topic: Working on the development of a two-phase CFD solver based on OpenFOAM libraries. This solver is now being used to study various aspects of secondary atomization like droplet breakup, coalescence, droplet-droplet and droplet-film interaction for non-Newtonian fluid.


Keerthi Santhosh Kumar

PhD Candidate
B Tech, JNTU (2007)
MTech, IIT Hyderabad (2013)
Email: me17resch11009[at] 

Research Topic: My area of interest is to understand primary breakup model of sheet based atomizers. I am studying how to improve these models so that they can be used over a wide range of density and viscosity ratios. In the process of achieving this goal, a combined study involving experiments, analytical (hydrodynamic instability study) and numerical (multiphase CFD) work is being done.


Edin Micheal

PhD Candidate
BTech, MA College of Engineering, MG University (2009)
MTech, College of Engineering Trivandrum, University of Kerala (2013)
Email: me20resch11014[at]

Research Topic: Atomization is a complex process in which bulk liquid is broken up into fine droplets with the help of different hydrodynamic instabilities. There are several studies that delve into various aspects of atomisation of Newtonian fluids. My interest lies in answering questions regarding the atomisation of non-Newtonian fluids, in particular Coal Water Slurry (CWS). This is an on-going program where CWS is derived from high ash content coal rejects. In order to do this a three pronged approach is taken which includes experimental (high speed imaging, PDPA etc), theoretical (hydrodynamic instabilities) and numerical work. 


Nidhi Misra

PhD Candidate (External)
B-Tech Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow , 2006
M-Tech IIT Kanpur , 2012

Research Topic: My current research topic is Impact of atmospheric and surface conditions on Latent Heat Flux estimation. My research area is oriented towards satellite based flux estimation from the energy balance approach, evapotranspiration estimation and studies related to natural and turbulent convective heat transfer.


Vellampati Saisandeep

BTech: Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering (2019)
Email: me19mtech11029[at]

Research Topic: Development of parallel CFD solver on 3D unstructured grids and Numerical study to understand circulation, impulse and kinetic energy of starting jets with non-zero radial velocity.


PhD Students

Saritha Gaddam (thesis submitted)
Mayank Kumar (Co-guide) (thesis submitted)
Dr. Anil Wakale (2021)
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Kale (2019)
Dr. Sathi Rajesh Reddy (2016)

Masters' Students

Ujjwal Mishra (2020)
Hritikesh Semwal (2020)
Anoop Sam Abraham (2019)
Pramod Dnyaneshwar Jadhav (2017)
Shankar Singh Kaira (2017)
Pravin Ananta Kadu (2016)
Sarang Abhay Holay (2016)
Vishwas Rana Salvaji (2015)
Atul Jadhav (2015)
Amit Anurag (2015)
VS Vaisakhan (2014)
Vatsalya Sharma (2014)
Varun Jadon (2014)
Amit K. Baghel (2013)
Keerthi Santhosh Kumar (2013)
Mudassar Shaikh (2013)
Raja Jaysingh (2012)
M.A. Somashekara (2011)
Minesh Vohra (2011)
.Balachandran C (2011)

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