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Ms. Swarnalatha Veerla

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Mr. Adarsh Nigam

Title: Development of processes for SOI wafer dissolution and glass wafer through holes towards the realization of MEMS inertial sensors. Description: In this project, the investigation of bulk micromachining of Borofloat glass using a wet chemical etching process is carried out. Different masking layers of metals are used for protecting and pattering the desired pattern on the glass wafer. The wet etching analysis is being carried out in different etchants such as Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid (BHF), and diluted HF. Initially, the parameters of masking layers i.e., material and thickness are studied to analyze the best combination of masking layers for the wet chemical etching process and find an efficient way to realize deep cavities or through holes in a Borofloat glass wafer at low cost. After this, an effective etchant composition is determined to get the best ratio of the etching rate to the undercutting rate. This work will help to provide an effective way to use glass for the packaging application of different MEMS devices.

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