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Mathukumalli Vidyasagar
Fellow of The Royal Society
Distinguished Professor &
SERB National Science Chair
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Email: M.Vidyasagar@iith.ac.in

Introduction to Modern AI
30 July -- 28 August 2019

Marking System
There will be weekly homework assignments (four in all), counting for 50% of the marks.
The other 50% will be based on an in-class final exam on Wednesday 28th August.

Course Material

Slides of Lectures

  • Introductory material PDF
  • Notes for Module-1 PDF
  • Notes for Module-2 PDF
  • Notes for Module-3-1 PDF
  • Notes for Module-3-2 PDF
  • Notes for Module-3-3 PDF
  • Notes for Module-3-4 PDF
  • Notes for Module-4-2 PDF

Lecture Notes of Prof. Dileep Kalathil of Texas A&M University (These serve as Module-4-1.pdf)

  • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning PDF

Homework Assignments and Final Exam

  • Homework Assignment 1 PDF
  • Homework Assignment 2 PDF
  • Homework Assignment 3 PDF
  • Homework Assignment 4 PDF

Matlab Dairies Etc.

  • Matlab Diary for Linear Programming Example Text file
  • Matlab Diary for Logistic Regression Example Text file
  • Matlab Diary for Snakes and Ladders Example Text file