Our Research

Our Research interests are as follows:

Carbon based hierarchical structures

We synthesize a variety of carbon micro- and nano- structures using sol-gel emulsion, electrospinning, pyrolysis and chemical vapor deposition technique. A large number of

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Electrospun nanofibers

Electrospinning is a technique to fabricate nanofibers by applying high voltage to a polymer solution We work with different polymers (PS, PAN, PMMA, Cellulose etc.) and

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Nature-inspired Functional Surfaces

Nature inspires us to solve our complex problems in many different ways, may it be birds flying, or cactus surviving in the desert. In our group we focus on structural functionalities as

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Metal - Co2 Batteries

We have demonstrated for the first time a working prototype of Li-CO2 battery technology operated at simulated Martian gases atmosphere to explore the feasibility of this technology

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About us

CARBON stands for Creative & Advanced Research Based On Nanomaterials. With its core theme on Carbon in the form of a variety of nanomaterials, further as the name suggests, CARBON Laboratory at IIT Hyderabad focuses on creativity, innovation and advanced research that can be directly applied to solve the problems around us. We use a wide variety of polymers and block co-polymers either directly or as a precursors to carbon upon controlled pyrolysis.

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