CARBON Laboratory

CARBON stands for Creative & Advanced Research Based On Nanomaterials. With its core theme on Carbon in the form of a variety of nanomaterials, further as the name suggests, CARBON Laboratory at IIT Hyderabad focuses on creativity, innovation and advanced research that can be directly applied to solve the problems around us. We use a wide variety of polymers and block co-polymers either directly or as a precursors to carbon upon controlled pyrolysis. These polymers and carbon structures may be in the form of thin films, nanoparticles, nanofibers or in hierarchical/multi-scale form. Some of the applications of these polymer and/or carbon nanomaterials are being explored in the field of energy (as electrode materials for batteries and supercapacitors), environment (adsorbents for water and air purification, waste management), healthcare (feminine hygiene, drug delivery, tissue scaffolds) and sensors.

We thank our collaborators who bring different perspectives to the research problems with their expertise in different domains. We acknowledge our funding agencies to show the confidence in our research problem statements.