Laboratory Equipments @ CARBON Laboratory

Small Angle X-ray Scattering (Anton-Paar)

Graphitizing Furnace (Material Research Furnaces)

High Temperature Furnace (Nabertherm)

3D-Profiler (AEP Technology)

PECVD (Excel Instruments)

Gas Absorption Setup (Mayura Analytical Pvt. Ltd)

Maskless Lithography ( Intelligent Micro Patterning )

Electrospinning Setup (Espin Nanotech)

Potentiostat (BioLogic Science Instrument)

Nanomechanical Tester (Hysitron)

Glovebox (Mbraun)

Carbolite Furnace

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Labindia)

Battery Cycler (Biologic)

Potentiostat (Biologic)

IC System

Some other facilities @ CARBON Laboratory

Plasma cleaner, Hot air and Vacuum oven, Hot plates, UV Chamber, Spin coater Probe and Ultra sonicators, Disc cutter, Hydraulic crimping machine and Doctor blade coater.

Some other facilities @ Chemical Department

Desktop SEM, FTIR, Zeta potential, TGA, DSC, Goniometer and Tensiometer.

Facilities @ IIT Hyderabad

XRD, RAMAN Spectroscopy, FESEM, Mask Aligner, Confocal Microscope, BET surface area measurement.