Vikas S. Krishnamurthy

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at IIT Hyderabad. My research interests are in applied mathematics and fluid dynamics. I am specifically interested in vorticity and vortex dynamics, applied complex analysis, and more recently in mathematical physics.

You can read my complete CV here or you can download it. "AT" vikas.krishnamurthy2

Department of Mathematics
IIT Hyderabad
Kandi, Telangana 502285


Together with Satyajit Pramanik I am co-organising an applied mathematics symposium loosely based on the theme of instability and flow transition. There will be nine invited talks from faculty, postdocs and students working in the broad area. There will also be a plenary talk by Professor Hendrik Kuhlmann (TU Vienna). The flyer and program for the event is below or can be downloaded here. The abstracts of the talks can be found here.

The 1st Early Career Applied Mathematics Meeting will be held online, via zoom, on Thursday, March 18th 2021, between 12:45 and 17:30 GMT. I am organising this meeting jointly with Elena Luca (UCL). Please email us if you would like to attend this meeting but have not received a zoom link.

The meeting is rather loosely organised around the theme of "Complex and numerical analysis". We have six invited talks, half-hour each. There is also a a plenary talk at the end of the meeting. Professor Demetrios Papageorgiou (Imperial College London) will be delivering the plenary talk.

You can find the flyer and program for the meeting below or you can download it here. You can find the abstracts of the talks here.

Our research featured on the August 2020 cover of Proceedings of the Royal Society A. The cover image shows a sequence of point vortex equilibria obtained using a new transformation that we have found. Starting from a simple "seed" equilibrium, more complicated equilibria can be generated with this transformation (they are arranged on a spiral in the cover image for presentation purposes). Click here to read more about it and here for the full article. Thanks to David Lowry-Duda for his help with the cover image, you can read here about his interest in this topic.

A virtual talk I gave in the minisymposium "MS33: Vortex Dynamics, Vortex-Body Interactions, and Free Boundary Problems - Part I of I", part of the virtual conference "The Second Joint SIAM/CAIMS Annual Meeting (AN20)" held during July 2020:

A talk I gave at the Isaac Newton Institute during the workshop "The complex analysis toolbox: new techniques and perspectives" in September 2019: