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MA20013 - Discrete Mathematics

Topics covered

Week Contents
Week 1 Basic Counting: sum rule, product rule and inclusion-exclusion principle, Pigeon-hole principle and its applications, permutations and combinations,
binomial co-efficients.
Week 2 Permutation and combinations with repetitions, recurrence relations, solving linear homogenous recurrence realtions with constant coefficients.
Week 3 Solving linear non-homogenous recurrence realtions with constant coefficients, ordinary generating functions, exponential generating functions.
Week 4 Basics of graphs, isomorphism, trees, Minimum spanning tree, Kruskal's algorithm
Week 5 Prufer sequence, Cayley's formula, Matrix-tree theorem(without proof), Bipartite graphs, Eulerian graphs
Week 6 Hamiltonian graphs, Planer graphs, Euler's formula
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