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Sumohana S. Channappayya, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

Current Students

Student (Department) Degree Area of Research
N. Suresh (AI) PhD No-reference Video Quality Assessment Using Deep Learning
Suresh Kumar Amalapuram (CSE, advised by Prof. Arjun Reddy, co-advised by SSC) PhD Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks
Anuradha Uggi (EE) PhD Matching Algorithms for Aerial Imagery
Archana Ramachandran (AI) PhD Explainable AI
Athira Krishnan (AI) PhD Vision for Robotics
Ch. Phaneendra Revanth (AI, advised by Prof. C. Krishna Mohan, co-advised by SSC) PhD Federated Learning for Autonomous Driving
Chinmay Majee (AI, co-advised by Dr. Rajakumara Eerappa) PhD (External) Machine Learning for Drug Discovery
Ambarish Parthasarathy (AI) PhD Multi-modal Representation Learning
Divya Gupta (AI) MTech (RA) Image Matching for Aerial Imagery
Amulya Pendota (EE) MTech (RA) Image Matching for Aerial Imagery
Akshad Shyam (AI) MTech (RA) Vision for Robotics
Saisree Tolety (AI) MTech (SS) Generative Models for Point Clouds


Student Degree Year Current Location Thesis Title
Srinadh Reddy Bhavanam (EE, co-advised by Drs. Shantanu and Srijith) PhD 2024 Postdoc, Clemson University, USA Machine Learning Algorithms for Astronomical Image Processing
Mohammed Shahid (EE) PhD 2022 Scientist F, ADE, Bengaluru Database and Algorithms for Robust Aerial Image Matching
M. Naga Sailaja (co-advised by Dr. Mohan Raghavan) PhD 2022 ICS, Hyderabad Video Quality Assessment Using Voxel Models of the Visual Cortex
V. Chandrakanth PhD 2022 DRDL, Hyderabad Autonomous Detection, Tracking and Homing for Beyond Visual Range Targets in Aerial Videos
Parimala Kancharla PhD 2021 Assistant Professor, IIT Mandi Quality Aware Generative Models
Roopak Tamboli (Advisor: Prof. Soumya Jana, co-advised by SSC) PhD 2020 Qualcomm, Hyderabad Multiview Content: Acquisition, 3D Reconstruction, Immersive Visualization and Quality Assessment
Dendi Sathya Veera Reddy PhD 2020 Samsung Research, Bengaluru Modern and Traditional Approaches to Image and Video Quality Assessment
Nagabhushan Eswara (co-advised by Dr. Abhinav and Prof. Kiran) PhD 2019 Intel Labs, Bengaluru Perceptual QoE Modeling and Optimization for Adaptive Video Streaming
Balasubramanyam Appina PhD 2019 Assistant Professor, IIT Indore Subjective and Objective Methods for Stereoscopic Video Quality Assessment
Sameeulla Khan Md. PhD 2018 Associate Professor, VIT Amaravati Perspectives on Full-reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment
K. J. Francis (Advisor: Prof. Rajalakshmi, co-advised by SSC) PhD 2018 Assistant Professor, University of Twente, Netherlands Photoacoustic Imaging: Theory, Modelling and Experiments
K. Manasa PhD 2017 Games24x7, Bengaluru A Framework for Video Quality Assessment
Amol Jaynad Todkar MTech (AI) 2023 Indian Armed Forces Aerial Image Matching
Ankit Joshi MTech (AI) 2023 Indian Armed Forces Target Recognition
Shai Sasi Deep Billakurthi MTech (SM) 2023 Samsung Research, Bengaluru RL for Autonomous Navigation
Virendra S. Patil (AI) MTech (RA) 2022 Games24x7, Bengaluru Spatio-Temporal Deep Learning
S. Rajesh (EE) MTech (RA) 2022 Intel Labs, Bengaluru Human Embryo Image Quality Assessment
Abhinav Anand (SM) MTech (TA) 2022 PhD Student, TU Darmstadt Image Quality Assessment for Autonomous Vehicles
M. Pavan Manesh (EE) MTech (SS) 2022 MediaTek, Bengaluru High Dynamic Range Video Quality Assessment
Samyuktha Yenigella (EE) MTech (SS) 2022 BEL, Bengaluru Efficacy of Traditional Image Matching Algorithms and Perceptual Similarity Metric for Aerial Imagery
Kaustubh Kartikey (AI) (MTech) 2022 PhD Student, CSA, IISc Bangalore
Pranav Prabhakar MTech-AI (TA) 2021 Vedantu, Bengaluru CLU-Net: A Comprehensive Loss based U-Net to Replace Mobile Camera ISP
Jamakayala Anirudh Kumar MTech-EE (Dual Degree) 2021 Jio Platforms, Hyderabad No Reference Image Quality Assessment using Deep Image Prior
S. S. N. Vishnu MTech-EE (Dual Degree) 2021 Salesforce, Hyderabad No reference Image Quality Assessment using Convolutional Autoencoders
Ayush Mittal MTech-CC (TA) 2021 TCS Innovation Lab (R&I), Hyderabad Rainfall Estimation and Forecasting Using DL/ML Techniques
Shristi Gupta MTech-AI (AC) 2021 Airtel, Gurgaon Deep Learning Based Peptide Encoding Techniques for Drug Discovery
K. Sneha MTech-EE (AC) 2021 Qualcomm, Hyderabad Evaluation of Efficient Spatio-Temporal Deep Learning Model for Video Quality Prediction
Sai Likhitha Aramadaka MTech-EE (TA) 2020 BEL, Bengaluru Deep Learning for Stereo Quality Assessment
Anshika Chaurasia MTech-EE-AI (TA) 2020 Mathworks, Hyderabad Network Compression
Nivedya Deljit MTech-EE (TA) 2019 Robert Bosch, Bengaluru Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images Using Deep Learning
Priyanka Soni MTech-EE (TA) 2019 Qualcomm, Hyderabad Log-enhanced Salient Edge Depth Map Generation using Deep Neural Networks
R. Aparna MTech-EE (TA) 2018 Qualcomm, Bengaluru Deep Learning Frameworks for Image Quality Assessment
K. Gokul MTech-EE (TA) 2018 MediaTek, Bengaluru Multimedia quality assessment
P. Muhammed Shabeer MTech-EE (TA) 2017 Qualcomm, Hyderabad Sparsity Based Video Quality Assessment
Manchana Akshai Krishna MTech-EE (RA) 2016 MathWorks, Hyderabad Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Tone-Mapping and De-Ghosting Algorithms
Pochimireddy Charan Tej Reddy MTech-EE (TA) 2016 PhD Student at IIT HyderabadSparsity Based Spatio-Temporal Video Quality Assessment
Lakku Praveen Kumar Reddy MTech-EE (TA) 2016 Airport Authority of India Segmentation Algorithms for Choroidal OCT Images
K. V. S. N. L. Manasa Priya MTech-EE (RA) 2015 Mediacorp Pvt. Ltd., Singapore Learning Based Image Quality Assessment
Sadu Sadhana Reddy MTech-EE (TA) 2014 Savitar Research Group, Hyderabad Video Packet Priority Assignment Based On Spatio-temporal Perceptual Importance