Lab for Video and Image Analysis – LFOVIA


Welcome to the LFOVIA group page at IIT Hyderabad. We work on a variety of interesting problems in the area of image and video quality assessment, multimedia communication, and biomedical imaging.

Recent News

  • (19.06.2024) Anuradha's work on multi-scale NetVLAD accepted to IEEE Signal Processing Letters. Congratulations to Anuradha!

  • (11.04.2024) Amulya's work on RGB-Thermal image matching accepted to the Image Matching: Local Features & Beyond Workshop at CVPR 2024. Congrats to Amulya!

  • (28.03.2024) Two papers accepted to SPCOM 2024. Congrats to Suresh and Ishita!

  • (08.03.2024) PhD scholar Srinadh Reddy Bhavanam successfully defends his thesis. Congrats Dr. Srinadh!

  • (19.12.2023) LFOVIA alum Rajesh Sureddi headed to LIVE, UT Austin for his PhD. Congrats to Rajesh!

  • (01.12.2023) Suresh Kumar Amalapuram's joint work with Prof. Arjun Reddy on semi-supervised continual learning for network intrusion detection accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2024. The acceptance rate for this year's conference is 19.6%. Congrats Suresh!


We are grateful to the following funding agencies and corporations for supporting our current and past work: DRDO, Grand Challenges Canada, Honeywell, Intel, Invecas, LVPEI, MathWorks, MHRD, Qualcomm, TCS.