Lab for Video and Image Analysis – LFOVIA


Welcome to the LFOVIA group page at IIT Hyderabad. We work on a variety of interesting problems in the area of image and video quality assessment, multimedia communication, and biomedical imaging.

Recent News

  • (11.04.2024) Amulya's work on RGB-Thermal image matching accepted to the Image Matching: Local Features & Beyond Workshop at CVPR 2024. Congrats to Amulya!

  • (28.03.2024) Two papers accepted to SPCOM 2024. Congrats to Suresh and Ishita!

  • (08.03.2024) PhD scholar Srinadh Reddy Bhavanam successfully defends his thesis. Congrats Dr. Srinadh!

  • (19.12.2023) LFOVIA alum Rajesh Sureddi headed to LIVE, UT Austin for his PhD. Congrats to Rajesh!

  • (01.12.2023) Suresh Kumar Amalapuram's joint work with Prof. Arjun Reddy on semi-supervised continual learning for network intrusion detection accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2024. The acceptance rate for this year's conference is 19.6%. Congrats Suresh!

  • (05.10.2023) Suresh Kumar Amalapuram awarded the Google Travel Grant to travel to NeurIPS 2023. Congratulations Suresh!


We are grateful to the following funding agencies and corporations for supporting our current and past work: DRDO, Grand Challenges Canada, Honeywell, Intel, Invecas, LVPEI, MathWorks, MHRD, Qualcomm, TCS.