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  • Mail: dspawar@ce[dot]iith[dot]ac[dot]in

Research Interests

  • Driver and Pedestrian Behavioral Modeling

    Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Traffic Safety and Accident Analysis

    Statistical Modelling and Classification Techniques

  • Traffic Operation and Simulation

    Naturalistic Driving Study and Human Factors

Research Projects

  • Proof of Concept Trial on Traffic Accident Record Software in India. Funded by Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan. Cost: 13L, Status: Ongoing [Role:PI]
  • Modeling Driver Behaviour Profiles using Naturalistic Driving Data for Road Safety Analysis. Funded by Science & Engineering Research Board, India. Cost: 26.6L, Status: Ongoing [Role:PI]
  • Multimodal Smart Transportation. Funded by JICA, Japan. Cost: 435L, Status: Ongoing [Role:Group lead-Traffic Management & Provision of information]
  • Substract Uneasy and Dangerous Scene Related Traffic Accident and Congestion in Asia. Funded by Toyota ITC, Japan. Cost: 13L, Status: Completed [Role:PI]
  • Evaluation of Road Traffic Accident data and Assessment of Potential for ITS V2X Safety Applications in India. Funded by Toyota ITC, Japan. Cost: 19L, Status: Completed [Role:PI]
  • Surrogate Safety Measures at Unsignalized Crossings and its Applications in V2X Technology for Asian Mix Traffic. Funded by Toyota ITC, Japan. Cost: 13L, Status: Completed [Role:PI]
  • Level of Service and Level of Safety Analysis for Uncontrolled Road Intersections and Mid-block Openings using Surrogate Safety Measure. Seed Grant-IITH. Cost: 03 L, Status: Completed [Role:PI]

  • Research Group (PhD Students)

    Name Jahnavi Yarlagadda
    PhD topic Modeling driver behavior profiles using naturalistic driving data for road safety analysis
    Joining Year 2017
    M.Tech Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

    Name Pradhan Kumar Akinapalli
    PhD topic Safety Enhancement at intersections and midblock sections using surrogate safety measures
    Joining Year 2017
    M.Tech Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

    Name Vinayak Malaghan
    PhD topic Driver behavior assessment based on highway geometry for rural highways
    Joining Year 2017
    M.Tech BITS, Pilani

    Name Chandrashekar C
    PhD topic Computation of vehicle emission and travel time prediction using ITS test bed
    Joining Year 2018
    M.Tech Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur

    Name Sarika Pothukuchi
    PhD topic Driver behavior on ramp interchanges
    Joining Year 2018
    M.Tech University of Texas, Arlington

    Name Yashasvi
    PhD topic Performance evaluation of intersection conflict warning system
    Joining Year 2020
    M.Tech JNTU Hyderabad

    Name Ankit Singh
    PhD topic Safety impact assessment of driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles inclusion in the Indian context
    Joining Year 2022
    M.Tech BMS college of Engineering, Bangalore
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    PhD topic Car following models using NDS data
    Joining Year 2022
    M.Tech XXXX

    Name Badweeti Kasi Nayana
    PhD topic ADAS for driver safety
    Joining Year 2022
    M.Tech XXXX