Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay


Associate Professor

Indian Institute of Technology,
Hyderabad(IITH), Kandi,
Telengana, India

Scientific interests:


Publications from INSPIRE

Current Courses running at IITH:
  • Advanced Particle Physics(PH6468), for M.Sc and PhD Students.

  • Courses given:

    Courses given at TEQIP:

    QuantOEM (Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy)

    Courses given at IITH:
    1. Advanced Particle Physics (PH6468), for M.Sc and Ph.D students.
    2. Quantum Physics (PH7020) for Ph.D students.
    3. Electrodynamics(PH2218) for EP2 and EP3 students.
    4. Tensors and Differential forms (PH1587) for EP1 students.
    5. Nuclear Physics(EP3537/PH6327), for M.Sc and EP3 students.
    6. Modern Physic(EP1108)s, for B.Tech students.
    7. Computational Particle Physics/HEP Tools(Ph7460/EP3658), for EP3,EP4, M.Sc, Ph.D students.
    8. Special Theory of relativity for EP2 students.
    9. Electrodynamics II(PH5210/EP3110), for M.Sc and EP3 students.

    Courses given at University of Helsinki:

    1. HEP Tools (53742)
    2. HEP Tools-II
    3. Special topics in particle physics: The Era of LHC(53742)

    Students working with me:

    1. Chandrima Sen, Ph.D, IIT Hyderabad
    2. Shilpa Jangid, Ph.D student, IIT Hyderabad
    3. Snehashis Parashar, Ph.D student, IIT Hyderabad
    4. Pram Milan P Robin, Ph.D student, IIT Hyderabad
    5. Mahima Chaudhary, M.Sc student, IIT Hyderabad
    6. Abhishek Roy, Ph.D Student, IOP, Bhubaneswar
    7. Aleesha KT, BS-MS student, IISER Kolkata

    Postdoc working with me:

    1. Manoranjan Dutta, PhD from IIT Hyderabad

    Students worked with me:

    1. Arjun Kumar, former M.Sc project student now pursing Ph.D at IIT Delhi (Report:Electro-Weak Symmetry Breaking (EWSB) in the Triplet extension of The Standard Model)
    2. Shilpa Jangid, former M.Sc student currently pursuing Ph.D at IIT Hyderabad (Report:Electroweak symmetry breaking of standard model in SU(2) doublet extension)
    3. Mahesh J, former EP project students, now pursuing Ph.D at Sokendai University, Japan
    4. Ram Purandhar S from IIT Madras, Chennai now joined as Ph.D student at UT Austin, USA
    5. Shiva Vidyesh from Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad
    6. Akanksha Balakrishna Dhaygude, EP of IIT Hyderabad, currently at City University of New York
    7. Abhishek Agarwal, EP of IIT Hyderabad, currently at Oracle India
    8. Dhruv Gupta, EP of IIT Hyderabad, currently at University of Pennsylvania
    9. Ananya Janardhanan, BS-MS, IISER Bhopal (Report: Understanding of Schrodinger Equations in Quantum Systems)
    10. Late Pritam Roy, M.Sc student, IIT Hyderabad (Deceased on November 27, 2021)
    11. Arya S, MSc thesis, Central University of Karnakata
    12. Saunak Dutta, Ph.D, IIT Hyderabad, currently at University of Delhi as postdoc

    Postdocs worked with me:

    1. Anirban Karan, PhD from IMSc Chennai, currently at IFIC Valencia

    Seminar & Conferences:

    1. Upcoming: Anomalies 2021 during 10-12/11/2020 at IITH
    2. HEP Seminar series at IITH
    3. Anomalies 2020 at IITH
    4. Recent Lecture series at IOP
    5. Anomalies 2019
    6. Particle Physics Seminar Series


    Ph.D Applications:

    Interested students with CSIR and Inspires may apply for Ph.D

    International Ph.D. Applications:

    Interested International Students can apply through FIRST@IITH Fellowship

    Postdoc Applications:

    Interested people (in Collider physics with familiarity in PYTHIA, ML, etc) may apply for Postdoc positions via NPDF

    Internship Applications:

    Not accepting applications this year.

    Previous Positions:

    (2010-2011)Research Fellow at
    Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, South Korea

    (2011-2014) Adjunct Scientist at
    Helsinki Institute of Physics, Helsinki, Finland

    (2011-2014)Postdoctoral Researcher at
    University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

    (2014-2016) INFN Postdoctoral Fellow at
    Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Lecce, Italy


    Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India

    Prof. AseshKrishna Datta

    M.Sc (Physics)

    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
    Powai, Mumbai, India

    B.Sc (Physics (H))

    R.K.M. Vidyamandira, Belur, Howrah, India
    University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India

    Department of Physics,
    Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad(IITH),
    Sangareddy, 502285
    Telengana, India

    Office: Acad Block B 506
    Tel.: +91 040 2301 6716
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