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Topics to be covered (Approx):

Basic counting, binomial and multinomial coefficients, bijections, inclusion-exclusion, pigeon-hole principle, recursion and generating functions, asymptotic notation.


1. The section on counting from Lecture Notes on Mathematics for Computer Science by Eric Lehman, Thomson Leighton and Albert Meyer
2. Any book on discrete mathematics; for example the one by Norman L. Briggs or the one by Kenneth Rosen or the one by Lovasz.
3. Any book on combinatorics; eg: Concrete Mathematics by Knuth and Patashnik; the book by van Lint and Wilson; a path to combinatorics for undergraduates.

Division of credit:

Attendance (60%, physical and mental presence): 10%, Quizzes (includes a group quiz): 40%, Exam: 50%

Practice problems:

There are no assignments; instead I will be uploading problem sets for practice here.
Click here for a couple of exercises for the first class.
Problem Set 1.
Problem Set 2.

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