• Pankaj (Jointly with SB)

  • Athira K. S.

  • Vivek Chaitanya Peddiraju

  • Ambe Radha

Past PhD Students

  • Upender (Jointly with PPB)

Past M.Tech. Students

  • Akhil Vyas

    Worked on physical metallurgy of high-alloy (Ni, Mo, Cr) steels.
  • Banoth Santhosh

    Went on to complete his PhD from TMU (Japan) on additive manufacturing of superalloys.
  • Desuru Sreejagadeesh

    Jagadeesh did his project with me on weld deposition of nickel on titanium. He is working with the Nissan India group now.
  • Yashobanta Satapathy

  • Parchuri Pradeep

    Pradeep's project with me was on dissimilar metal welding. He then his PhD from JWRI, Osaka University, and is currently working with Suzuki.