I am an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad. I completed my PhD from Stanford University and my Btech and Mtech from IIT Bombay.

I can be reached via email (staditya [at] ee.iith.ac.in).

Research Interests

Fourier analysis, signal processing and machine learning, convex and combinatorial optimization

Summary of key results

Most of my research has been on some combinatorial and algorithmic problems in Fourier analysis. The most recent work explores the relationship between additive structure of the frequency support and computational complexity of the DFT. An earlier work (here, and here) gives an alternate characterization for convolution idempotents that vanish at given positions. Before that, I investigated a relaxation of the Fuglede conjecture via an association scheme. In the past, gave a graph based algorithm to search for unitary Fourier submatrices; characterized universal sampling sets for bandlimited spaces and investigated their applications to uncertainty principles.