We are data science group at IIT Hyderabad led by Dr. Srijith P.K. and Dr. Maunendra Desarkar, working on Social Network Analysis. We use our expertise in this field to extract information regarding need and availability of various resources during the Kerala Floods.

Please note that tweets posted by our Twitter handles are fully automated with no manual intervention using artificial intelligence techniques. Kindly verify the information yourself and we regret for any misappropriate information posted by our Twitter handles !

Thanks to the team, comprising the following students, for developing the website, models and algorithms: Manisha Dubey, Rohan Tondulkar, Uddipta Bhattacharjee, Ayush Jain, Shamik Kundu, Posham Ramesh, Shikhar sanjay and Priyambada.


Shamik Kundu, P.K. Srijith, M. S. Desarkar. Classification of Short-Texts Generated During Disasters: A Deep Neural Network Based Approach. In FOSINT-SI at Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) 2018.

Samujjwal Ghosh, Srijith P. K., and M. S. Desarkar: Using Social Media for Classifying Actionable Insights in Disaster Scenario. International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences (Springer), December 2017.