Nano-Optics & Devices Lab

Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

We are currently looking for potential PhD students interested in joining the lab to work on various facets of nanoplasmonics. Further details about PhD admissions can be found at MSME department’s PhD admissions 2023. Students with CSIR/DST scholarships can apply throughout the year for a position in the lab!

We are an active group in the department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering at IIT Hyderabad. Our aim is to explore and understand nano-scale optical phenomena occurring in plasmonic and photonic systems and exploit them for various applications. Some of the areas that we are currently exploring are:

  1. Biosensing (for disease diagnostics and environmental remediation)
  2. Optical modulators (using 2d-Materials and flexible substrates)
  3. New alloys for plasmonic applications

Further details can be found on the Research Areas page.

We are grateful for funding from IIT Hyderabad, SERB, DST-Nanomission and JICA.


10 January 2024
Our recent paper on influence of FIB milling on the phase separation in Ag-Cu alloy thin films was just published in the APL Materials. (Click here)
10 January 2024
Rajeshwar Dhankar has joined the group for carrying out his M.Tech. project.
30 October 2023
Pravallika has joined Linkoping university as a post-doctoral fellow.
24 July 2023
Pravallika has successfully defended her PhD thesis in the area of alloy plasmonics.

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Lab locations

  • MSME-111 - Optical spectroscopy
  • MSME-410 - Chemical synthesis and nanoparticle characterization
  • MSME-111 and MSME 412 - Thin film deposition