Webpage of Flexible Electronics & Nano Devices Laboratory (FEND Lab)


    Prof. Sushmee Badhulika
        Department of Electrical Engineering
          Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India 502 285
            email: sbadh@ee.iith.ac.in


    *Information for Prospective Internship offers*
    We at Flexible Electronics & Nano Devices Laboratory (FEND Lab) are always looking for motivated, hard working student Interns for our lab. Duration will be for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months. Candidates should have sound knowledge of Device physics, fundamentals of semiconductors. Basic background in Nanoscience & Technology related projects/courses is preferred.
    Please send your CV to sbadh@ee.iith.ac.in


Editorial Boards

1. Editorial Board member, (IOP) Flexible and Printed Electronics
2. Associate Editor, (Springer) Applied Nanoscience
3. Editorial Board member, (Elsevier) Sensors and Actuators Reports
4. Editorial Advisory member, (ACS) Energy & Fuels
5. Editorial Advisory member, (Elsevier) Electrochimica Acta
6. Associate Editor, Transactions of Indian National Academy of Engineering (2019-2021)


Areas of Interest

Flexible and wearable nano-electronics
Flexible Bio-electronics
Nanomaterials based Transistors, Photodetectors, Sensors
Micro/Nano Fabrication
Disposable/Reusable Sensors and Electronics
Eco-friendly nanoelectronics
Paper electronics
Electrochemical sensors


Courses offered

1. Magnetic circuits (EE1020)
2. Electric circuits (EE1010)
3. Nanoelectronics : Principles and devices (EE 6120)
4. Device Physics (EE 2107)
5. Semiconductor device and modelling (EE5110)
6. Fundamentals of semiconductors (EE1427)
7. Smart Material and Transducers (IS5010)
8. Semiconductor Device Fundamentals (EE2103)
9. Electronic Devices and Circuits (EE2188)
10. Semiconductor Fundamentals (EE1140, EE2187)
11. Flexible and Wearable Electronics (MD5720)