• News and Updates

    *eNARM Lab group meeting and presentation schedule.(click)
    *Opening of PostDoctoral and Ph.D. position in the eNARM Lab 2019. Please contact Dr. J. Giri.
    * Congratulations to Poulomi Polley and team for their research achivements.
    * Congratulations to Ruby Singh and team for their research achivements.
    *Dr. Giri joins as a Editorial Board Members in “Scientific Reports”, Nature Publication Group, 2019.
    *Congratulations to Dr. Jyotsnendu Giri for his promotion to Associate Professor.
    *Congratulations to Poulomi Polley for her Open Colloquium, April 2019.
    *We eNARM Lab’s PI and group, registered startup “EaffoCare Innovation Pvt. Limited”, many congratulations to all members of eNARM Lab for their hard work.
    *eNARM Lab Welcomes Dr. Qasim Mohd, NPDF Fellowship 2019.
    *Dr. Giri received DBT BIG grant, ready to Spin-up Startup Company, Jan 2019.
    *Congratulations to Ruby Singh for her first paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interface, 2018.
    *First Paper Published by eNARM Lab, after establishment @ IIT Hyderabad, in ACS Applied Materials and Interface (IF 8.5), many more are ready to come.
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