Research Interests

  • Systems biology: Mathematical modeling of cell signaling network, Simulation of cell dynamics, Statistical modeling of cell population, Live cell imaging,3-D tissue engineering.

  • Biochemical Engineering/biotechnology: Genetic engineering, Recombinant protein/enzyme/biopesticide production, Baculovirus technology, Bioreactor design.

  • Drug design and pharmacogenomics: High throughput assay design for drug discovery, Pharmacogenomics, Regenerative pharmacology.

Research Experience & Focus

  • Applied systems biology and advanced live cell imaging techniques to investigate the role of G-protein subunit translocation in regulation of calcium oscillation in Hela cells and neuronal cell.

  • Applied genetic engineering of baculovirus to mitigate mutations responsible for reduction in viral and recombinant protein yield during passaging in insect cell culture.

  • Developed cell-based immunofluorescent assay, DNA-based (Pulse field gel electrophoresis) assays for mutation detection in heterogeneous virus population.

  • Analyzed system-level properties and quantified key protein levels under diseased conditions (diabetes and obesity) in insulin signaling pathway through mathematical modeling and simulations.