Charan Kumar

Charan Kumar


Department of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad, India.

Contact Information

Address: Department of Electrical Engineering ,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad ,
Ordnance Factory Estate, Medak,
Yeddumailaram - 502205 (Andhra Pradesh),INDIA.
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Research Synopsis

I am V.CHARAN KUMAR pursuing my M.TECH in Electrical Engineering department at IIT Hyderabad with specialization microelectronic & VLSI, Currently i am working on “Energy Harvesting From Tree ” project under the guidance of Dr.Amith Acharyya. The main aim of project is provide a power supply for nano-electronic devices such as mobile-phone, wireless sensor network, single-chip microcomputers, LED light etc. on an average from each tree we are getting 250mV-400mV voltage levels, initially in 1st stage we are finding the physical mechanism behind the tree to get these voltage levels, and relating this physical mechanism in to mathematical equations, in 2nd stage we are going to design a IC to charge a mobile phone battery directly from tree. The future image of this project is, street lights can be directly powered from trees, and wherever you are walking in the street, park, camp or even at wild only there is tree, you can open your computer at any time plug the line into tree and begin your work or communication with the outside world as long as you like.