Dr. Vandana Sharma
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
India - 502 205
E-mail ID: vsharma@iith.ac.in


Professional summery :  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Experimental Physics from Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, in Experimental Atomic and  Molecular Physics.

  • Domain expertise in Experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics, System development
  • Designing and fabrication of High resolution Mass Spectrometers
  • Designing, simulating and fabricating Electron and Ion Optics
  • Particle Detection and Imaging
  • Femto second EUV/X-ray source generation
  • Ultra high vacuum technology

Awards :

  • Sheldon Datz, Best Scientist award in International conference on Photonic,Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Freiburg,Germany, 25-31st July2007-ICPEAC.

Professional experience :

      1. University of Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany Guest Scientist in the group of Prof. Uwe Bovesiepen (February.2012 to April 2012)

         Research and development :

  • Preparation of Si(111) sample, depositing Pb in ultrahigh vacuum on Si(111).
  • Studying the relaxation of electrons after being excited by photons in highest occupied and lowest unoccupied quantum well states.
  • Ultrafast electron, lattice, and spin dynamics at interfaces.

     2. Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics Heidelberg, Germany : Post Doctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Joachim Ullrich (Januaru 2009-April 2011).

           Research and development :

  •  Atomic and molecular Physics experiments using coincident electron-ion momentum imaging.
  •  Precision ultrafast quantum dynamical studies on atoms and molecules with state-of-art few cycle laser pulses.
  • Electron-ion Time-Of-Flight (TOF) spectrometer with special detector combination of Microchannel plates and Position sensitive detector,coupled with fast amplifier,timing descriminator and CAMAC based time-to-digital converter.
  • High bandwidth (60 nm @ 780 nm) state-of-art mode locked Ti-Sapphire oscillator system.
  • Fast loop carrier envelope phase stabilization using second harmonic generation periodically Poled Lithium Niobate crystal.
  • Ti-Sapphire laser multi-pass single stage (3 kHz, 1mJ per pulse,25 fs FWHM).
  • Hollow core fiber filled with Neon gas, leading to supercontinuum generation using self-phase modulation.
  • High power femtosecond pulse compression using multi bounce compensated dielectic mirrors - generation of 6 f.s. laser pulses (0.4mJ,790 n.m.) with complete wave form (CEP) control.
  • Slow-loop CEP stabilization using f-2f interferometry.

         System design and development :

  • Development of novel waveform meter of laser pulses, Time-of-flight spectrometer of electrons using Microchannel Plates,fast multiplier,fast timing descriminators and Time-to-digital converter.
  • Development and implementation of novel method to generate single cycle pulses for atomic physics experiments using polarization grating.

3. Joint Institute for Laboratory Astro Physics (JILA)Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. (October 2007-January 2009)

Post Doctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Margaret Murnane and Prof. Henry Kapteyn.

Research and development :

  • Time resolved studies of EUV induced molecular Dissociation coherent femto second EUV sources.
  • High harmonic generation in an Argon gas cell, leading to X-ray generation (2k Hz,15fs,10nJ pulses,30 nm bandwidth@40 n.m).
  • High bandwidth (600 nm & 780 nm) state-of-art mode locked Ti-Sapphire oscillator system.
  • Carrier envelope Phase (CEP, waveform) stabiliziation using supercontinuum generation in a photonic crystal fiber, followed by f-2f interferometery.
  • Ti-sapphire laser multi-pass single stage (2kHz,2mJ per pulse,30 fs FWHM).
  • Ti-sapphire laser multi-pass double stage amplifier (10kHz,1mJ per pulse,30 fs FWHM).
  • Wavelength selective (1.2 nm bandwidth@30 nm)EUV multilayer mirrors.
  • Desigh and implementation of a 400 n.m.optical beam line using second harmonic generation in BBO crystal.