Welcome to my home page. Here you will find brief information about my research and teaching activities. My research interests are primarily focused on electrochemical devices and heterogeneous catalysis. Specifically our fuel cell research is focused on the development of models for various physical and chemical processes that occur in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells. Fuel cells based on paper support and laminar flow fuel cells for application in micro-nano systems that consume milli-watts of power are other research interests of our group. Our research on heterogeneous catalysis is focused on CO2 valorization, development of kinetic models and reactor modeling. More about my research and teaching activities can be found on the relevant pages. I am very keen to collaborate with people from within academia and industry, so after going through my research and teaching activities please get in touch if you have common interest.

Contact Details

  • Vinod Janardhanan
    Room# 107, Academic block-A
    Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Email: vj [at] che.iith.ac dot in
  • Phone: +91-40-2301-6204


Very broadly our research efforts are primarily in the multiscale modeling of chemically reacting flows with significant emphasis on the chemistry. We integrate detailed chemistry (gasphase/surface) with physically based models of of the chemical reactor. Presently we are looking at the application of chemically reacting flows in fuel cells, electrolyzers, and catalytic reactors.

Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

Our fuel cell research is primarily focused on multi-scale modeling of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (HT-PEMFCs). Specifically we are looking at the development of kinetic models for predicting the performance and degradation of SOFCs and HT-PEMFCs that are operated on contaminated fuels such as H2S in the case of SOFCs and CO in the case of HT-PEMFCs. In addition to studying the effect of fuel contamination on cell performance, we are also studying other degradation mechanisms in both these cell types. SOFCs and PEMFCs are basically used for high power density applications, however, there are several applications that require power only in milli-watts rage. In this respect we are exploring paper based fuel cells and laminar flow fuel cells by performing experiments.

There is a growing interest for reverse operating the SOFCs to electrolyse H2O and CO2. Our work on electrolysis is aimed at the development of electrochemical models for CO2 electrolysis and co-electrolysis of CO2 and H2O. This is tightly integrated with our ongoing work on SOFC.

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Our current interest is in studying the catalytic conversion of hydrocarbon fuels and the associated catalyst deactivation phenomena. We focus our research on developing detailed kinetic models for predicting the time on stream catalyst deactivation and product selectivity. We collect the data required to develop the models by performing experiments under well defined conditions, and perform multiscale modeling of the catalytic reactor for validating the kinetic models. Another aspect of our catalyst research is the conversion of CO2 to fuel and chemicals. India being a country with no scope of geological sequestration of CO2, the only option left is the conversion of CO2 into value added chemicals and fuels.

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Book Chapters

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Introduction to fuel cells (Elective)

Chemical Reactor Modeling (Elective)

Solids handling and comminution; Mechanical Separations (Core)

Introduction to process dynamics and control (Core)

Our Team

Research Scholars

Venkata Prakash (2017 Jan - ongoing )
Research area: Modeling of catalyst deactivation during dry reforming of CH4

M.Tech students

Ahmed (2020 Aug - ongoing )
Research area: Laminar flow fuel cells
Chetna Godara (2021 Aug - ongoing )
Research area: Quantification of watergas shift during co-electrolysis in SOEC

Past Students

Dr Srinivas Appari (2010-2014)
PhD Thesis:Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Catalyst Poisoning and Regeneration During Biogas Steam Reforming on Nickel
Current position: Faculty @ BITS Pilani
Dr Sweta Lal (2014 Aug- 2019 March )
Research area: Small-scale power generation using paper based fuel cells (Co-guide)
Current position: Faculty @ IISER Bhopal
Dr Anusree Unnikrishnan (2013 Dec- 2019 July)
Research area: Experimental and modeling studies of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance under poisoning conditions
Current position: Post-doc @ University of Calgary
Dr Vivek Pawar (2013 Aug- 2020 May )
Research area: Experimental investigation of catalyst deactivation and regeneration during biogas dry reforming
Vamsi Ambala (2017 Aug- 2019 June )
Research Area: Numerical modeling of HTPEM fuel cells
Currently with: BARC
Uma Sai Mahesh (M.Tech class of 2018)
Research area: Exergy analysis of SOFC operating on natural gas
Currently with: Numalighar Refinery
Atul Meshram (M.Tech class of 2014)
M.Tech Thesis: Study of carbon deposition during dry reforming of biogas
Current position: PhD student @ IISc
Venkata Prakash (M.Tech class of 2016)
M.Tech Thesis: Modeling of coal devolatilization
Current position: PhD student @ IITH
Geetha Narasimhaiah (M.Tech class of 2012)
M.Tech Thesis: Modeling of CO2 electrolysis in SOEC
Currently with: Bloom Energy
Prashil Lakhete (M.Tech class of 2013)
M.Tech Thesis: Modeling of catalytic plate reactor for syngas production
Currently with: SABIC