Exploration of the building blocks of the universe requires a detailed understanding of the scattering amplitudes in quantum field theories. The research in this field spans many directions — Infrared structure of scattering amplitudes, Celestial Amplitudes, Soft theorems, Resummation, Feynman integrals, etc.

In our latest work on Cwebs in multiparton scattering amplitudes we have introduce several new concepts: (a) Normal ordering of the diagrams of a Cweb, (b) Fused-Webs (c) Basis and Family of Cwebs. We use these ideas together with a Uniqueness theorem that we prove to arrive at an understanding of the the mixing matrices. See the section Research below for details.

Group Members

anurag-photo     Tanmay-photo Aditya-photo shubham-photo abhinava-photo sourav-photo ayan-photo
Dr. Anurag Tripathi (Faculty)
Dr. Tanmay (Postdoc)


International Workshop: Precision QCD @LHC

Prof. Eric Laenen is visiting QCD group at IIT Hyderabad from 27 Jan -22 Feb, 2020 for research collaboration.

Prof. Lorenzo Magnea is visiting QCD group at IIT Hyderabad from 17 Jan -02 Feb, 2020 for research collaboration.

Sourav Pal is visiting INFN Laboratory Turin and University of Turin for research collaboration for a period of 5 weeks.

July 2019: Sourav has received Delta-ITP fellowship to visit Nikhef and University of Amsterdam for research collaboration.

July 2019: Abhinava has received Delta-ITP fellowship to visit Nikhef and University of Amsterdam for research collaboration.

A collaboration grant from MHRD, Government of India has been awarded to Dr. Anurag Tripathi, together with colleagues from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, INDIA, and from the University of Turin, ITALY, and the University of Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. The grant Perturbative QCD for Precision Physics at the LHC is part of the Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC), recently established by the government of India.

The project, led by Dr. Anurag Tripathi from IIT Hyderabad, aims to help search of deviations from the Standard Model predictions by making decisive advances in highly precise calculations for LHC measurements.

The funds will be utilized in creating multilateral relationships between IIT Hyderabad, and the other partner institutions involved. The grant supports collaboration visits of senior researchers as well as PhD students and postdocs, and the organization of international workshops in India.

Collaboration Team

University of Turin, ITALY Prof. Lorenzo Magnea, Dr. Paolo Torrielli
University of Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS Prof. Eric Laenen, Dr. Wouter Waalewijn,
Dr. Darren Scott
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, INDIA Prof. V. Ravindran

A grant has been awarded to Dr. Anurag Tripathi for the organization of GIAN workshop on Infrared Structure of Perturbative Gauge Theories by the MHRD, Government of India. (Brochure)
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Our broad area of research is Theoretical Particle Physics and we specialize in perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). Our publications can be accessed through inSPIRE here

My talk on Multiparton webs beyond three loops (Given at REF2020)


Courses offered on SWAYAM (MOOC)

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory (Theory of Scalar Fields)

Introduction to Classical Mechanics

Educational Videos

Dr. Tripathi's Physics Class : Short video based on the content delivered in class room which you may find useful. Here is the link:

Dr. Tripathi's Kids Science Class : Some fun for kids!

Positions Held

Associate Professor, IIT Hyderabad Oct 2021 - till date
Assistant Professor, IIT Hyderabad 2015 - Oct 2021
Postdoc, INFN-Napoli, ITALY 2014-2015
Postdoc, INFN-Torino & Univ. of Torino, ITALY 2013-2014
Postdoc, Univ. of Wuppertal, GERMANY 2011-2013
Postdoc, TIFR, Mumbai, INDIA 2009-2011
PhD from HRI, Allahabad, INDIA 2009

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