GIAN 10-Day Course on
Design of Anchorages in Concrete Construction and their Role in Structural Strengthening

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Anchorages using embedded plates with the cast in headed studs, anchor channels or post-installed mechanical or adhesive anchors are extensively used in the construction industry to connect non-structural or structural components to the parent concrete structures. The typical usage of such anchorages includes connecting the equipment, piping, and machinery, structural bracing, structural strengthening, facades, etc. The fulfillment of the desired objectives of the systems connected using such anchorage is largely dependent on the behavior of anchors. A good fastening includes the right selection of anchor type for given loading scenario, proper design, and correct installation. Using an anchor not suitable for an application not only might render the anchorage useless but also may lead to devastating results due to anchorage failure. Specifically, the designer must consider the behavior of anchorages in conditions of cracked concrete as well as under demanding loading scenarios such as seismic loads, high temperature, long term loads, etc. Therefore, a designer must be equipped with the appropriate knowledge about the selection, design methods and installation procedure for the anchors to produce safe and reliable connections. Over the past few decades, a significant amount of research work has been done on the behavior of anchorages which has led to the development of the international codes and standards for the design of anchorages. A big majority of this work has been performed at the Institute of Construction Materials, University of Stuttgart.

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This course will provide a detailed coverage on the type of anchors available and their behavior under different conditions, qualification and assessment criteria for the anchors, design rules for anchorages according to international standards, behavior and design of post-installed reinforcing bars, seismic behavior and design of anchorages as well as application of anchorages in strength-ening of existing structures. It will also cover the recent advances in the field of anchorages such as anchorages with supplementary reinforcement, anchorages in special concrete (e.g., steel fiber reinforced concrete), anchorages under impact loads, as well as advanced numerical model-ing concepts for anchorages. It also aims to demonstrate the correct installation procedure for different types of anchorages and train the practitioners on the right selection and design of an-chorages for different loading conditions. The fundamentals taught in this course will be aug-mented by the laboratory experiments on anchorages to give hands-on experience to the design-ers and practitioners about the real behavior of anchorages. This course will be taught by internationally acclaimed academics, researchers and fastening industry specialists. The course will be planned and offered as per the norms set by IIT Hyderabad.