Challa Subrahmanya Sastry


Department of Mathematics, IIT Hyderabad, Pin: 502285.

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Office: 503, Academic C-Block
Phone (Office): +91 40 2301 6602


·       Education: PhD[IIT Kanpur, Advisor: Prof. P. C. Das], M.Sc(Tech)[JNT University, Hyderabad], B.Sc[Hindu College, Machilipatnam (Nagarjuna University)]

·       Professional Experience: Gained at University of Hyderabad, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and IIITDM Jabalpur, before joining IIT Hyderabad. 




Wavelets, Sparse Optimization Theory and Inverse Problems




Sparse optimization theory (popularly known as Compressive Sensing) is an interface area between Algebra and Optimization, which aims at providing some classes of linear systems with sparse (or economical) descriptions.  Applications of this research area are far and wide in diverse fields including medical imaging. 


My current research interests lie in Finite frames, Sparsity-seeking optimization techniques and their applications involving Data-driven learning methods and Inverse problems. My previous research, nevertheless, was directed toward Wavelets, Reconstruction  in Tomography.






 Mathematical Methods

 Mathematics Behind Machine Learning

 Wavelets & Applications

 Theory of Frames

 Probability Theory

 Sparse Representation Theory

 Linear Algebra

 Numerical Linear Algebra

 Numerical Analysis

 Image Processing

 Digital Signal Processing

 Compressive Sensing (1 credit)

 Several UG (B.Tech) level core Math Courses.





             Dr. R. Ramunaidu (Currently on faculty at IIPE Visakhapatnam)

             Dr. P. Sasmal  (Currently on faculty at IIT Jodhpur, Co-advised by Dr. Phanindra)

             Dr. Prasad Theeda (Currently on faculty at VIT Vellore, Co-advised by Dr. Phanindra)

             Dr. Munnu Sonkar (Currently PostDoc Fellow at University of Houston, USA)

             Dr. K. Z. Najiya (Currently a PostDoc Fellow at IIT Hyderabad)

             Mr. Shantam Gulati (Pursuing PhD, Co-advised by Dr. Phanindra)

             Mr. Akash Sen (Pursuing PhD)

             Dr. Praveen Kumar (Former Post Doc Fellow,  Currently a senior technical architect in IT industry)

             Dr. M. P. Ranjan (Former Post-Doc Felllow, Currently on faculty at IIT (BHU) Varanasi)

 Guided 8 M.Sc students and Co-guided 2 M.Tech students for their project works



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