Rashi Dutt

Rashi Dutt


Department of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad, India.

Contact Information

Hostel Address: Department of Electrical Engineering ,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad ,
Kandi, Sangareddy,
Medak- 502285 (Telangana),INDIA.
Email: ee16resch11014 [at] iith.ac.in
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Research Synopsis




1. Dutt, R., Baloria, A., Prasad VRC, Radhakrishna ESMP, Acharyya, A., "DWT based Unsupervised UBSS Methodology for Radar Pulse Deinterleaving using Antenna Scan Pattern", IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation, April 2019.
2. Dutt, R., Baloria, A., Acharyya, A., "Discrete Wavelet Transform based Methodology for Radar Pulse Deinterleaving", Computer Society of India's Transactions on Information and Communication Technology (CSIT), Springer, 2019.


1. Dutt, R., Acharyya, A., "A High Speed and Low Complexity Architecture Design Methodology for Square Root Unscented Kalman Filter based SLAM ", European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design (ECCTD) 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2020.
2. Dutt, R., Chodisetti, M., Acharyya, A., “Real-time and Accurate State-of-Charge Estimation Methodology using Dual Square Root Unscented Kalman Filter”, International Symposium on Circuit and Systems (ISCAS), Seville, Spain, May 2020.
3. Panwar, M., Gautam, A., Dutt, R., Acharyya, A., , “CardioNet: Deep Learning Framework for Prediction of CVD Risk Factors”, International Symposium on Circuit and Systems (ISCAS), Seville, Spain, May 2020.
4. Dutt, R., Acharyya, A., “VLSI Architecture Design Methodology for Unsupervised Underdetermined Blind Source Separation”, 33rd International Conference on VLSI Design and 2020 19th International Conference on Embedded Systems, Bangalore, January 2020 – (Poster Presentation).