Srinivas Sabbavarapu

Srinivas sabbavarapu


Department of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad, India.

Contact Information

Address: Department of Electrical Engineering ,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad ,
Ordnance Factory Estate, Medak,
Yeddumailaram - 502205 (Andhra Pradesh),INDIA.
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Research Synopsis

NRE costs and Time-to-Market are the two contributing factors in current IC industries to keep up with the competition with the embedded systems market. To reduce both is a challenge to the research community to come up with a design automation solution. Here, we are working towards efficient Design Automation methodologies and algorithms to improve the afore-mentioned parameters. Efforts are in progress to reduce the design time of any system\design by eliminating the redundant and iterative stages of the IC design flow, thereby, saving the overall design cost in terms of time and money (NRE costs).